New Construction Warranty Inspections
It’s a new home – should it be inspected prior to warranty expiration?
YES! Owners of newly constructed homes may not immediately understand the benefits of a professional home inspection. No home is perfect, not even a new one as you likely know by now, and it’s best to detect problems you may not be aware of before the expiration of your warranty. Your last chance to bring any issues to the builder’s attention, large or small, is during your warranty period when they will still fix them at no cost to you. You also get the benefit of an unbiased third-party trusted advisor!

  • The Caspian home inspection covers the inspection and operation of major systems including roofing, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical. Code inspectors do not check for quality of installation/operations, only that the installation is up to code. And it is not uncommon that these inspectors can even miss significant defects or incomplete items hidden to you.
  • We operate doors, windows, built-in appliances, plumbing fixtures and more to detect any issues.
  • We can also use our infrared cameras to help detect hidden electrical concerns and leaks not-yet-discovered.
  • A home inspection will provide insight into the home’s condition and features that you may still not be aware of.