Kaveh Hosseini

A certified and licensed home inspector, Kaveh hosseini first fell in love with building houses in his dad’s construction field. Son of a civil engineer, he has spent so much time on construction sites since he was a kid.

When he was a teenager, he followed his passion and first studied construction in a technical school and later continued his education by choosing civil engineering at university. Kaveh graduated with an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering from Tabriz Azad University in 2004 and immediately joined his father’s “Cavalier Construction Company.”

He has become an InterNACHI active member and has been certified as a CPI (Certified Professional Inspector) since 2020. Kaveh is also a certified inspector from ICA (Inspection Certification Associates) and AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training).

When it comes to home inspection, Kaveh is a remarkable individual who knows the importance of the job, not just because he is a certified inspector but also because of his impressive experience in the fields and life. He is obsessed with the cutting-edge technological advancement of civil engineering and constantly keeps himself updated on technical developments. Moreover, he knows how to show attention to every tiny detail of a building without losing sight of the bigger picture and includes elements such as socio-environmental facets, long or short-term financial considerations, and the latest health-related discoveries in his observation. A resourceful and solution-oriented inspector.

More noteworthy than all his extraordinary experiences and fascinating story of a diligent immigrant, Kaveh is a proud dad of his two-year-old son and a devoted husband to his hard-working wife. Spending time with his lovely family is the greatest joy of his life.

He also loves the delicate art of photography and camping with his family and friends. Although when it comes to Kaveh’s hubbies, nothing can replace the enjoyment of watching a high-quality football match with him.

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